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January 2019
Chisinau develops its very first Urban Mobility Plan
Chisinau will have an Urban Mobility Plan. The document, a premiere for the municipality, will be developed by the Chisinau City Hall, with the support of the UNDP “Moldova Sustainable Green Cities Project” funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

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Public finance reform in Moldova forges ahead, with Slovak support
With Slovak support, Moldova has decided to introduce a pilot project to better manage public budgets in the education sector, kicking off a series of public finance reforms expected to lead to savings and impact where people need it the most.

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UNDP Moldova pilots blockchain for effective management of its car fleet system
We at UNDP Moldova were thrilled by the intense deliberation around blockchain technology, so as its uptake, that we could not just sit and observe on the side-line. We believe blockchain can revolutionize the way we do development. And we saw great examples: from how citizens vote in Ukraine and register their properties in Georgia, to the way Indonesia tracks the sustainability of its fishing supply chains and remittances transfers are harnessed in Serbia. 

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“Stand up and vote!” or how the Roma community learned more about electoral rights
What are free and fair elections? What are the voting procedures? Who can run for office? More than 11,000 women, men, young people, elderly, all of them representatives of the Roma community in the Republic of Moldova, received answers to these questions.

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Ana, 26 years: “I think that I would have been dead since long ago, if I stayed with him”
Ana is 26 years old and she succeeded to escape from a marriage in which her life was in danger almost every day.

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