UNDP Moldova Newsletter
March 2019
Chisinau paves the way towards innovative and green urban development | UNDP in Moldova
Chisinau hosted during 27-29 March 2019 a regional event on designing and testing urban experiments to address complex issues faced by municipalities from Moldova, Serbia, Macedonia and Armenia.

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“Dinamo” pool will be reconstructed, with UNDP support | UNDP in Moldova
After renovation, the big swimming pool, with the length of 25 meters and width of 14 meters, will have six swimming lines. 

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Twenty-five 3D-printed benches will be installed in Chisinau this spring | UNDP in Moldova
The benches are produced with the support of the “Sustainable Green Cities” project, funded by the Global Environment Facility and implemented by the UNDP.

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City mayors team up to boost solar energy projects in their countries | UNDP in Moldova
Mayors from eight countries signed the Solar Mayors Charter, an international declaration of Mayors pushing for the adoption of solar powers in urban environment.

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An electric vehicle charging station was installed at METRO | UNDP in Moldova
An electric vehicle charging station was installed at the METRO 1 store due to a strategic partnership initiated by UNDP Moldova within the "Sustainable Green Cities" Project. 
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Pasha Parfeni, the man who sang about homeland in Tiraspol
"Because it is about Nistru, respect for origins, roots, love of art, those close to us, respect for teachers, friendship, openness, tolerance, joint issues, such as ecology. Nistru is also about ecological and environmental aspects."

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Painters from both banks of the Nistru river show their works at joint exhibitions
Young painters from Chisinau, Tiraspol and Bender, 10 from each bank of the Nistru river, organized a joint painting exhibition at the B.P. Hasdeu library in Chisinau during March 16–23, 2019. 

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A student from Taraclia fights violence through art
For almost six months, she has been involved in a theatre performance project started by UNDP and Coliseum Arts Center to sensitize people on gender-based violence issue. 
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The woman who dreams of buying homes for all survivors of domestic violence | UNDP in Moldova
If Angela had one million dollars, she would buy homes for women who are locked in a life with violent men. The idea came to her after she escaped a horrible marriage. The first woman she would help would be a friend of hers who still suffers from beatings and humiliation.

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Martishor from home by UNDP Moldova
The first day of spring was celebrated in two villages from Moldova – Chiscareni, Singerei district and Pelinia, Drochia district – by organizing traditional workshops called “Șezătoare”.
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